A Blue Moon!

May your “Once in Blue Moon” come quite often! Super Moon on 31 Jan 2018. Tech Data, Focal Length 45 mm, Aperture f/18, Shutter Speed 3/10 sec, ISO 6400, Nikon D3200. Guchi.

Prayer for a Beautiful World!

O God help us achieve the following! Let the world be free of hatred, bloodshed, terrorism and war. Let us all live in peace and harmony. Let all humans treat others equally with respect and justice regardless of the color, caste , creed or religion. Let us all learn to improve our surroundings and the…

Interesting Snaps!

Drying clothes Indian way! Garbage Collection men with their Rickshaw Trolley ( Proud possession) ( Please note they have decorated their garbage rickshaw van with a car Registration plate) Both photos taken with IPhone SE. Guchi!

Worshiping a Fire-God!

Let the Winters Go Away! Tech Data, Focal Length 22mm, Aperture f/3,5, Shutter Speed 1/125 sec, ISO 800, Nikon D3200 Another Scene. Tech Data, Focal Length 30mm, Aperture f/4.5, Shutter Speed 1/125 sec, ISO 1600, Nikon D3200. Guchi.  

Simple Living and High Thinking!

What is there in a Brand? Through out my life, I have always worn simple and non branded clothes. I have worn watches which were most common and inexpensive. In fact I have been criticized by many relatives on this account. To begin with in my life journey, I must admit that I did not…

Some Memorable Photographs of 2017!

Fun at the Lake!   A Quiet Afternoon! Green Ambience!   Nature’s Blessings! Shy Flowers! Sitting High! Like the Duck! All photos taken by Nikon D3200. Good Bye 2017, Happy shooting in 2018! Guchi.

Removing Discord in the Family!

Life can be very simple and beautiful. It can also be very complex and frustrating. It is the way you choose to live life. We can choose to be simple, caring, patient, open, mature, carefree, kind and considerate; Or we can choose to be egotist, unkind, haughty, critical, greedy, constipated and hurtful to others; the…

Ten Pearls of Wisdom!

• APPRECIATION; To be grateful for all the good things that life has offered you. • COMPASSION; The essence of feeling another’s pain, while comforting them. • FORGIVENESS; The ability to let things be without any anger or feeling of revenge. • HAPPINESS; The full enjoyment of every moment. A smiling face. • HONESTY; The…

A Soldier’s Corner!

Remembrance of a Uniform, Mementos and a Trusted companion……. the Bar. Guchi.