A Simple Marriage!


Sometimes a very plainly/inexpensively organized event  can give you more happiness than a very expensive alternative. It is all in the mind. Yesterday my daughter narrated an event which occurred at her office.

Lilian a very efficient and smart employee in my daughter’s office came to my daughter and requested her for a half day’s break for a very important work. My daughter is her immediate reporting person and she had no hesitation in granting her half day’s (afternoon) off. My daughter, as it is a good team leader. Lilian also explained that she had finished her important work of the day and there was nothing pending as such. This happened at about 12.30 PM. My daughter then got busy in her work.

At about 1 PM my daughter happened to go to washroom. As she entered the restroom, Lilian emerged from it duly decked up in some kind of a marriage dress. She had also done her make up in the washroom itself. Out of curiosity my daughter asked her as to where she was headed. Lilian replied that she was heading to a civil court for her marriage with her fiancee which was slated at 3 PM. My daughter was amazed and literally impressed with her dedication as she had worked for the first half of the day in the office and had just taken only half day’s break for her marriage. For occasion like marriage many people take a month’s leave and do very deliberate preparations. My daughter congratulated her and appreciated her wedding dress which appeared to be very expensive. Lilian was a beautiful girl and she was looking even more gorgeous in the wedding dress. Lilian replied that she had hired this wedding dress  for a day only. My daughter was even more impressed with her simplicity and frankness. My daughter also learnt that her fiancee was also working in some nearby office and he had also taken half day’s break for the marriage. May be after the registration of their marriage the couple would go for a dinner somewhere along with one or two friends. That is it, the entire marriage proceedings would be over the same day. My daughter offered her blessings and prayed for the success of the event. In fact Lilian appeared extremely happy and radiant and she left thereafter.

After hearing this story, I was wonder struck, because back at home I have been witness to some of the very grand marriage functions where the preparations start at least six months in advance. Millions are spent on lavish functions which are many in number, starting with engagement ceremony, pre-wedding photo shoot, Ladies Sangeet (Musical evening), Marriage function itself, reception and so on. Such functions are attended by thousands of people. The bridal dress costs a few hundred thousand rupees and out of snob value the dress designed by famous designers like Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Talihani etc are selected and made. (though such dresses are worn only once). Experts are hired for the bridal make up. Expensive gifts and Gold exchange hands between the boy’s parents and the girl’s parents. Expensive theme destinations are selected for Honeymoon of the couple. But there is no guarantee that such a marriages produce any happiness or succeed.

Blessed are the people who live a simple life and find happiness in simple things of life.





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