How to get the first words out of your little 3year old autistic bun

A very nice article written by my daughter Rajni Singh. She has been doing a pioneering work for children with Autism and other similar disabilities.


Many a times I come across hugely anxious mothers who are willing to go all out and do just about anything under the sun to get their little three year olds to open up their mouth and begin talking. I have heard stories like parents taking children for 6 days a week one hour extensive speech therapy classes almost for 6 months yet having little results.

The common concern is that with speech therapy the child is able to articulate sounds but does not at will produce any words, even after giving huge doses of praise and reinforcements.

Here I am reminded of a very interesting incident when a young mother was sitting in my office and tears trickled down her face while she spoke her heart out to me about her child being non verbal out of choice and not so much as a matter of compulsion. While narrating…

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